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Pipesim Training Course Pdf

Pipesim Training Course Pdf

Pipesim is a steady-state multiphase flow simulator that can model complex pipeline networks and well performance. Pipesim can help engineers design, optimize, and troubleshoot oil and gas production systems, from reservoir to processing facilities.

If you are interested in learning how to use Pipesim, you may want to check out some of the available training courses online. Here are some of the sources that offer Pipesim training course pdf files:


  • : This is a comprehensive guide that covers the basics of Pipesim, such as building physical models, performing sensitivity analysis, calibrating PVT data, and selecting artificial lift methods. It also includes several exercises and case studies to help you practice your skills.

  • : This is the official website of Schlumberger, the developer of Pipesim. Here you can find information about the different training courses that they offer, such as Pipesim Fundamentals, Pipesim Advanced, Pipesim Network Modeling, and Pipesim Artificial Lift Design. You can also access premium content and register for online or classroom training.

  • : This is a pdf document that contains slides from a Pipesim course. It covers topics such as single branch tutorials, well performance analysis, artificial lift design, single branch pipeline and facilities, and network modeling. It also provides some examples and tips for using Pipesim.

These are some of the sources that offer Pipesim training course pdf files. You can download them and study them at your own pace. However, if you want to get the most out of Pipesim, you may also want to consider taking a live or online training course with an instructor who can guide you through the software and answer your questions.


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