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For those who download illegally, it is the same principle. But with cracked software, it still doesnt take money away from the companies. You are not purchasing the product, but the product is still available to be purchased. You are not paying the same price, but companies are still making money from the sale. Therefore, those who download illegally are stealing, but when they claim otherwise, theyre lying.

So, what are you waiting for PPC scripts are now available online and are simply taken from the regular website.Nothing is modified except for the name and the description of the software. All PPC scripts are installed. Please be sure to read the important notice first.

So, if youve seen the notice above, you probably have already heard about Drumagog v5, which is a great upgrade over version 4.5.x. Its packed with tons of new features and it has been redesigned from the ground up. And here is a more detailed description of what its all about.

I think anyone who downloads and uses cracked versions of plugins knows they are benefiting someone else with their bandwidth and time. No harm in that. If they had any sense, they would realize they are the ones who are getting ripped off by choosing to download something they can already own. The cracker is copying the original company, not the paid purchase.

I wish you had addressed the issue more. The way I see it, if they are saving and sharing the cracked versions, at least the downloaders arent sharing the identity of the owners to companies with no loyalty, especially online. 3d9ccd7d82


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