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Where Can I Buy A Pre Lit Christmas Tree

Set your holidays aglow with a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. Balsam Hill offers exceptionally lifelike Christmas trees with a variety of lighting options. Complement any decorating theme and add brilliance to your spaces. Learn more about pre lit Christmas trees and find answers to the most common questions below.

where can i buy a pre lit christmas tree

A pre-lit artificial Christmas tree completes any holiday display. However, it can be tedious to manually string hundreds of lights, especially for a tall holiday centerpiece with a full profile. This tree type makes decorating easier, as it comes with pre-strung lights, giving you more time to arrange the ornaments.

Experts suggest stringing 100 to 150 lights for every foot of a Christmas tree. That means a 7-ft. pre-lit Christmas tree looks best with 700 to 1,050 bulbs. Meanwhile, a 9-ft. pre-lit Christmas tree should have around 900 to 1,350. Of course, this depends on the look you want to achieve. Refer to our Christmas Tree Lights Guide for the recommended light count based on tree height and desired coverage.

Let your holiday display shine with lit artificial Christmas trees that suit your decorating style. Find the lighting option that will complement your holiday celebrations. Keep it simple and classic with the timeless look of traditional incandescent lights. For a more cheerful display, use energy-efficient LED, Micro LED, or UltraBright Micro LED Lights. Or create an enchanting sight with the tiny bulbs and near-invisible wires of LED Fairy Lights.

Light up your holidays just the way you want it. Select a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree that lets you control the speed, brightness, and color of each light bulb. Explore our Fiber Optic Christmas tree selections that features pre-set light shows. Delight your guests by cycling through all the light modes in one go. Another option to consider is a Twinkly LED-lit Christmas tree. It allows you customize the lights from your mobile device. Express your creativity and surprise loved ones with a stunning light exhibition this season.

Cost-effective over the long term: Up front, artificial trees are much more expensive than live trees. In 2020, a live tree on average cost $80, according to the National Christmas Tree Association, which represents the live-tree industry. (In 2021, prices rose by 5% to 10%, according to a spokesperson.) But at that average, a $400 artificial tree pays for itself after five years, and the best of them can last years beyond that.

This change required us to set our sights only on the most convincing, lifelike artificial trees, which usually carry a correspondingly high price tag. When we began this research several years ago, we were surprised to find how much a good fake tree cost. And we had an eye-opening shopping experience again in 2021, as tree prices rose across the board (subscription required) due to the widespread supply-chain issues affecting deliveries from China, where almost all artificial trees are made.

On the topic of PVC: The use of lead as a PVC stabilizer was once a genuine health concern, but this is no longer an issue in most artificial trees sold in the US, according to National Tree Company and the American Christmas Tree Association (the latter of which represents artificial-tree companies).

Virtually all contemporary artificial trees have branches permanently mounted on hinges on the center pole. Thanks to this design, they unfurl into place quickly when you set them up. We avoided the outdated designs that have you snap individual branches into sockets on the center pole one by one (a time-consuming and fussy process).

National Tree Company offers a warranty for its realistic pre-lit trees taller than 6 feet (including our pick), and it covers manufacturer defects for five years from the date of purchase. The LEDs are covered for three years. You need proof and the date of purchase to file a claim, and you need to have treated the tree and lights with reasonable care to have your claim approved.

But an in-depth 2007 life-cycle study on the subject gave the edge firmly to live trees, finding that an artificial tree would have to be used for 20 years before its carbon impact fell below that of buying a live tree annually over the same timeframe. A more recent look at the topic reached similar conclusions.

If you want to keep your floors needle-free for the holidays, deck the halls with this festive Christmas tree. Sitting atop a footed base to keep it standing straight, Its lush fir branches stay all year without ever needing to be watered, while its full design is a great alternative to natural trees. Best of all? This tree arrives pre-lit with warm lights that light up your living room or den. Just place the plug-in into the wall and enjoy the spirit of the season.

This artificial Christmas tree delivers all of the magic with none of the maintenance. It's made from PVC in a green hue, and it has easy-to-bend branches that mimic the foliage and texture of a pine tree. This faux evergreen comes with a tree stand, and it's frosted with fake snow and pre-strung with white LED lights for a warm Christmas glow. Primp and fluff its branches when it arrives, and decorate it with the holiday ornaments of your choice (sold separately).

Keep your floors needle-free for the holidays by decking the halls with this festive artificial fir Christmas tree. Sitting atop a footed base for a stable foundation, its black frame is crafted from metal and its lush Fraser fir PVC branches stay green all year without ever needing to be watered. Its slender, modern design comes in a variety of sizes that makes it perfect for any corner of your home. Best of all? This flame-retardant tree arrives pre-lit with warm white lights that light up your living room or den. Just place the plug-in into the wall and enjoy the spirit of the season.

This slim pencil Christmas tree comes with lights in warm white color in eight different lighting modes that can add to your home the best holiday atmosphere! You can change the lighting mode from constant to flashing, depending on your own needs. Feel free to add more decoration to this pre-lit slim pencil Christmas tree! This 6/7.5ft artificial pre-lit skinny Christmas tree is designed with plenty of branches and one branch tip at the top in a small slim pencil tree shape for you to save space! You can DIY for a star topper instead. It is such a tree with a realistic look in a slim pencil tree shape and of course, will be a great addition to your white coming winter holiday season. Attention: please fluff branches fully to make this pencil Christmas tree with the best realistic look! This is the right pre-lit slim pencil Christmas tree with a realistic look if you are finding something durable, non-toxic, environmental-friendly, and reusable for the next few years. All branches of this Christmas tree are made of high-quality PVC material, which is long-lasting, non-toxic, and anti-allergic. The metal stand is rust-resistant and scratch-resistant made with a waterproof coating in a black finish. To make the tree an easy piece for you to set up and break down for storage, this pre-lit Christmas pencil tree has a three-sectioned design, meaning you can have this tree set up in minutes. It also comes with a metal foldable stand with an anti-slip footpad which is sturdy and wobbly-free. Just tightly screwed at the bottom.

The expectant holiday is coming soon, 6/7.5 feet faux Christmas tree with dense branches flocked by snowflakes looks very realistic and tall. This tree is compact without looking narrow and has the perfect amount of white tips. After you and your family simply assemble and decorate, it becomes more gorgeous. Whether it is placed indoors places like the living room or an outdoor Christmas tree used as a porch, will dress up the festive atmosphere as you want. The flake Christmas tree is made of fire-resistant and non-allergenic PVC material, soft and strong. The stand and hinged branches are not flimsy and not easy to bend easily. The fake Christmas tree stands 6/7.5 feet has 700/1135 tips and looks quite bushy and real, spreads out beautifully, and is full. It has white flocking for a wintry feel, the flocked fake snow looks real but the difference is that it is not easy to fall everywhere. Constructed of strong steel components including a durable tree stand that folds flat for easy storage. With the help of the sturdy high-quality stand base and the tree body of painted metal hinges, the snow-covered Christmas tree is not easy to wobble and can be kept upright stably. It also has sturdy branches, strong enough to hold garland and all your favorite ornaments. Although not pre-decorated, pass fully fluff and shape the branches after assembly to provide a healthy, natural, and beautiful rich appearance. If you plan to decorate it with your family, the undecorated Christmas tree reserves enough space for you to put your favorite decorations. The feel real Christmas tree is lite weight and every section can fit well together easily, it is super easy to set up a beautiful tree by one person in just a few minutes. It's worth saying that disassembly and fluffing will not be time-consuming.

This product is a slim profile tree with a downswept branch design and a sturdy steel plate base. Branches, poles, and bases are sprinkled with flocking for the appearance of freshly fallen snow. This tree is pre-strung with 50 clear lights that remain lit even if a bulb burns out. Display this attractive evergreen in indoor or covered outdoor locations.

Welcome, to a different Christmas with a white slender Christmas tree with lights! Different color from the traditional green Christmas tree, it is white, and when the lights are on, the entire tree is holy and pure. A slender shape is suitable for limited space.

Whether you have a taste for avant-garde holiday decorations or simply want to add a twist to your seasonal vignette, this lush faux spruce tree makes a striking, whimsical statement in a traditional aesthetic. Pick a color scheme and embellish it with similar-hued ornaments for a mod-inspired monochromatic look, or give it contrast with glittering floral sprays and velvet bows. A green metal stand is included, while the multi-colored incandescent lights can be plugged in. 041b061a72


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