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Download Training Your Dog

For 21st Century Pointing Dog Training, the book is available as a PDF file download. The first edition hard copy of the book is sold out. The PDF file download contains the entire 136 pages. You can treat the book as an ebook and read it from the file or print out your own hard copy. The cost is $15.00. See below for ordering information.

Download Training Your Dog

Digital Download 1 Digital download 1 is the equivalent of DVD 1. Chapters are shown above. This file is 5.85 GB. It runs for 1 hour and 49 minutes. You must have a high speed internet service. After purchase, you will receive an email with download instructions. $19.95

Digital download 2 is the equivalent of DVD 2. Chapters are shown above. This file is 5.46 GB and runs for 1 hour and 42 minutes. You must have a high speed internet service. After purchase, you will receive an email with download instructions.

With a value of over $39, this ebook on dog training is our gift to you to help you to enjoy your dog to the fullest! We would love it if you would read this dog training book and recommend it to your friends.

For even more free downloads and videos, check out the Free Worksheets, Quick Tips & Free Downloads on Dunbar Academy. For the absolute best deal in online dog training education, try the Top Dog Academy. Use this link to get your first month for free.

These are free PDF documents that you have permission to download, copy and share. You can even customize the eBooks and Behavior Blueprints with the name and contact information of your company and then distribute them to colleagues and clients as promotional material.

This book is simply a MUST READ for anyone thinking of getting a puppy. Puppies should be raised in an errorless housetraining and chewtoy-training set-up. This is very easy to do and everything you need to know is described in this little book.

We so strongly believe that puppy husbandry and training information is so important that it should be freely available to all, with the hope that dogs (and their humans) will be happier and healthier because of it. more

Note: Fax ServicesTo ensure the most accurate collection of your registration information the AKC does not accept faxed registrations. If you have questions regarding the form or application, please contact AKC Customer Service at 919-233-9767 or by email at

Notice to Clubs: You can now plan your entire event online and submit your Application and Judges Panel directly to the AKC! Visit the Online Event Management System for more information.

For a different set of dog training tips from Basic Dog Training Commands, download the Top Nineteen Dog Training Tips. It has some really great tips that can help you train your dog. Add these pet products with nearly perfect Amazon reviews to your cart as well.

Do you practice by yourself? Ever run out of ideas or find yourself doing boring drills with your dog? Connection Course Cards to the rescue! Grab a few cards, set up a course, and challenge yourself and your dog while having fun.

Looking to train your German-loving dog to search and rescue or maybe to just help you find your keys? In that case, train him or her with the German dog command such, which comes from the German verb suchen (search/look for).

Taking the time to sit down with everyone in your household and deciding on a set of House Rules for your new dog is paramount to making sure they succeed and become a well-behaved member of the family.

If your rule is that your dog isn't allowed in the kitchen because there are just too many potential dog hazards in there (e.g., xylitol, chip and other snack bags, medications on the countertops, etc.) and somebody else in your home gives your dog free roam of the kitchen, there can be some very serious (and heartbreaking) consequences.

Similarly, if you're trying to train your dog to "sit" (or even better ... "go to place") before you open the front door, and other people in your home aren't, not only will your training efforts be in vain, but your pup may bolt out the door, only to get lost or injured. So establishing "house rules," and doing so early on and with everyone's "buy in," is important for many reasons.

What must your dog do to go through doors and gates? (All dogs should be taught to wait until given permission to go through doors and gates. This will help prevent your pup from door-dashing in the future. Examples: Dog must Sit and Stay, Dog must Down and Stay)

Simply fill out the form below, and our Dog Training House Rules worksheet will be sent to your inbox. Once you've filled out the worksheet, it's a great thing to post somewhere visible for everyone in your family to reference.

All programs are instructed by our resident dog trainer Katelyn Rollins. Katelyn is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, an Animal Behavior College graduate, an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, and a Professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. She also holds a degree in Veterinary Technology and has extensive experience as a dog daycare attendant and supervisor. Katelyn has the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your training goals. All training programs are designed to be an enjoyable experience, and to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Muddy Creek is offering group Puppy Kindergarten and Basic Obedience (level 1) Classes which focus on socialization and obedience training. We are not offering any private training or higher level group classes at this time. All training programs are designed to be an enjoyable experience, and to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

The American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (AKC CGC) certification is widely recognized for a high standard of dog behavior and is an excellent way to prepare for therapy dog training. This class prepares you and your dog to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test as well as improve on commands already learned.

The CGC Program is a two-part program that stresses responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs. All dogs who pass the 10-step CGC test will obtain a certificate from the American Kennel Club. Tests are given throughout the country by approved evaluators. This Prep and Test program is designed to prepare you and your dog for the CGC test. The first 3 weeks of this program prepares for the CGC test items and the final 4th week is when the CGC test is conducted.

This class will teach your child how to handle their dog in a safe and positive way. The main objective of this class is to create trust and respect between the participating child and their dog.

Learn how to teach your dog to do tricks like wave, crawl, spin, dance, high five, and much more in this 6-week group class. Games will also be played as a group to build confidence and to make fun!

Life in general can be very noisy, and many dogs find loud noises scary and stressful. Desensitising your dog to loud noises is a good way to keep them calm in situations that may otherwise make them anxious.

While there are things you can do to calm your dog during a period of loud noises, such as fireworks, or Bonfire night, getting your dog used to loud sounds can be a better long-term solution. By gradually desensitising your dog to loud noises over a period of time, you can teach them to associate these sounds with something positive, instead of something to be scared of.

Increase the volume very, very slowly, until you see the first signs that your dog is reacting to the noise. A reaction might be small, such as twitching their ears. Once your dog starts to react, leave the sounds at that volume for a few minutes to let them get used to it.

If at any point your dog is scared or stressed by the noise, remain calm and stop playing the sounds immediately. This means you may have progressed too quickly, so start from a lower volume next time.

Play the sounds at this low level for 5-10 minutes, 3-4 times a day. Once your dog has stopped responding to the noise, you can turn the volume up slightly, until they begin to respond again. Again, if your dog shows any signs of stress, stop the sounds and start at a lower volume the next day.

As soon as you hear the sounds give your dog their food or start to play with them. Once your dog has finished eating or playing, turn off the sounds straight away. This is so that they start to associate the sound with something positive happening.

Do this a few times over the course of a few days until your dog starts to get excited when they hear the sounds. Once your dog has made this initial connection you can begin to increase the volume a little each time.

Other versions of online dog training, such as private coaching or online group classes, also tend to be much cheaper than in-person options. When you take into account the gas savings (or hotel savings if you were considering a seminar), online training is a no-brainer cost-wise.

Some online dog training schools deal with this problem by allowing you to send video of your training sessions for feedback. This can lead to more detailed feedback because your trainer can re-watch things in slow motion, which is pretty cool! However, this is not going to be an option in any free video lesson.

Whereas the other online dog training programs on this list are largely self-study courses or webinar-style classes focused on puppies, tricks, sports, and obedience, I almost exclusively work with dog behavior issues. 041b061a72


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