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Virgin Schoolgirl

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Maria Jade - Maria has been getting picked on by one of the fraternities on campus and files a complaint. The dean sets up a time to meet with her at home. When he arrives Maria starts making demands and getting irate so he tells her to calm down and gets her a glass of water. Unbeknownst to Maria the dean is good friends with the fraternity alumni. The dean slips a pheromone into her drink and brings it to her. Maria downs the entire glass and soon starts feeling flushed. She confesses to the dean she's a virgin and is getting so aroused she wants him to fuck her. Maria plays with herself until an explosive orgasm makes her go limp. The dean carries her to the bedroom and tosses her on the bed then starts undressing her. He rips the crotch out of her tights and enters her virgin pussy. The sensation overloads her senses and she goes limp from pleasure. Maria is so turned on she begs him to fuck her harder and harder until he explodes inside her. The feeling of his cum shooting inside her gives Maria an earth shattering orgasm then leaves her limp for hours. And this is just the beginning!

Nora Ivy - You know I told you last week my uncle was hiring me for some modeling pictures Well I went to his house for the weekend and things quickly got out of hand. Uncle Jay was actually taking pictures for a foot fetish site and was supposed to cum on my socks at the end. Being a virgin I was hesitant but next thing I knew Uncle Jay had me in his room and was shoving his cock in my newly deflowered pussy. I was shocked but excited at the same time. Before long Uncle Jay picked up his pace and I found myself moaning in near ecstasy before the unthinkable happened. Uncle Jay ejaculated in my virgin pussy! I guess a short time later Uncle Jay returned to check on me. He couldn't resist playing with my wet pussy and soon was fucking me gently. I begged him to pound me harder and soon had my first massive orgasm. Soon Uncle Jay had me riding his cock. Then he rolled me onto my back, and took me from behind. I begged Uncle Jay to make me cum once more then cum on my socks which he gladly did. I can't believe Uncle Jay deflowered me like that but now I want even more!

A recent book "Roses Concealed in a School Bag" portraying 13 high school students brave enough to have sex but lacking information and intimidated to share their stories has raised questions about China's sex education. "Roses Concealed in the School Bag" was written by a youth researcher and a youth media professional based on a survey of 13 Chinese students born between 1980 and 1984 who had sex in high school and has thrown harsh questions and challenges on sex education. The survey result refuted Chinese people's stereotype of identifying those who date in high school and have sex as "playboys" and "school laggers". It showed that half of the 13 students had excellent academic performance and one third came from prestigious high schools. However, it also showed that none of them used any protection for their first night. Though all the 13 asserted that their first night was "out of love and willingness", they admitted that they were so "nervous and awkward" that they hardly had any fun doing it. The book showed that "all of them are desperately dissatisfied with the sex education from families and schools and worst of all, none of their parents have realized the fact till now". Questions were raised by education experts on the publishing of the book, amid massive sex education campaigns reportedly launched across the country in recent years. "What is really going on in sex education" asked experts, followed by such thought-provoking questiones as "What is the purpose of Chinese education on sex To ensure safety or to promote the idea of keeping a virgin To satisfy the curiosity of youngsters with their developing sexual maturity or just to curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases" Openly disseminating sexual knowledge used to be taboo in China, but as the c


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