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Football betting is a widely embraced form of entertainment in Vietnam, drawing considerable interest and participation. Nevertheless, those new to the scene often grapple with certain complexities, one of which revolves around the inclusion of extra time in football betting scenarios. In the ensuing discourse, seeks to elucidate this matter, offering valuable insights for a more comprehensive understanding.

In accordance with the established rules of football, each match is comprised of two official halves, each lasting 45 minutes, thus culminating in a total regulation time of 90 minutes. However, it is imperative to acknowledge the potential extension of play beyond this standard duration, contingent upon tournament regulations and the referee's discretion.

Specifically, in knockout matches, the inability to determine a clear winner within the initial 90 minutes triggers the commencement of two additional halves, commonly referred to as extra time. Each of these supplementary halves typically spans 15 minutes, devoid of any intervening breaks. Notably, the team that initiated the first half is entrusted with the kickoff in the ensuing extra time. Upon completion of the first extra time, the two teams swap ends for the remaining duration.

Should the conclusion of the stipulated extra time fail to yield a decisive victor, the match advances to a tension-filled penalty shootout, adding an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to the football betting experience.

Does football betting include extra time?

According to the general regulations of most reputable online football betting sites such as 1x2 soccer, the results of football betting are typically counted only during the official playing time of the match. This includes injury time but does not include extra time.

However, the calculation method may vary depending on the specific type of bet, with each bookmaker adjusting it accordingly for the most appropriate approach.

Does football betting include extra time? Cases where extra time is counted

In the absence of any unforeseen alterations, it is imperative to note that the bookmaker's furnished betting results will be confined to the official 90-minute playing time, inclusive of injury time, with the exclusion of extra time. This stipulation is applicable to several bet types, encompassing:

1X2 Betting During the Match: The traditional win-draw-win bet, reflecting on the outcome within the official 90 minutes plus injury time.

First Team to Score: Predicting which team scores the first goal, with considerations limited to the official playing time.

Player to Score First: Wagering on the player who scores the initial goal, focusing solely on the 90-minute duration plus injury time.

Even/Odd Goal Betting in Each Match: Betting on whether the total number of goals in a match will be an even or odd figure, exclusively within the official playing time.

Half-Time/Full-Time Even/Odd Betting: Predicting the parity or oddity of the score at both half-time and full-time, confined to the official playing period.

Total Minutes of Goals: Betting on the cumulative time at which goals are scored, limited to the 90 minutes plus injury time.

Anytime Goal Scorer: Wagering on a player to score at any point during the official playing time.

Player Leading the Goal-Scoring List in the Match: Predicting the player who will be the leading goal-scorer within the 90 minutes plus injury time.

Team with the Highest Score for the Specific Date-Related Match Market: Betting on the team that will achieve the highest score in the specified date-related match, within the official playing time.

By adhering to these parameters, bettors can strategically navigate their choices within the defined temporal constraints of official playing time, thereby enhancing their understanding of the betting dynamics.

Cases where the result of football betting includes extra time

football win tips prediction traditionally focus on the regular playing time, but exceptions exist in certain circumstances. Specifically, when a match outcome is decided during extra time, esteemed bookmakers extend their offerings to include additional betting options. In such instances, the betting results encompass the entirety of extra time. Here are some of the specialized extra time betting options available:

Extra Time Yes/No Bet: This wager involves predicting whether the match will progress into extra time to determine the ultimate winner.

Extra Time/Goal Betting: This particular bet requires players to anticipate the number of goals scored during the extra time period. It is essential to be aware that this bet becomes void if the match is canceled before reaching extra time, although such occurrences are infrequent.

Bet on the Method of Determining the Match Result: Players can engage in predicting the overall winner of the match, with two variations accounting for the extra time result: Home Team/Extra Time or Away Team/Extra Time.

By delving into these specialized betting options, individuals can broaden their strategic approaches and delve into a more nuanced realm of football betting that extends beyond the regular playing duration.

The aforementioned details cover various facets related to the question of including extra time in football betting. We earnestly hope that the provided information, along with our quality soccer tips, proves to be valuable and enlightening for our readership.


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