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Steve Austin: I can plead total innocence on this. Because my memory...Believe me, I'm not a vegetable or anything, I remember Commando. But I had forgotten the storyline. I don't think you are going to reinvent the wheel anymore. You're not going to make it any more round. There are probably a lot of similarities between Hunt to Kill and any old movie. At the end of the day, I like the circumstances that had to happen for this guy to become close with his daughter. He is a divorcee trying to raise her on his own. She doesn't understand him, and he doesn't understand her. Through all of this trouble, they start to trust each other. She can now start to understand some of the things he taught her back in the day. Being filmed in the outdoors, and me being an avid outdoorsman and hunter, that was the reason I wanted to do this movie. At the end of the day, it was an opportunity. I can't sit there and say, "This is too much like Commando with Schwarzenegger, so I better not do it." That thought never came into my mind.

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Steve Austin: You know what? The thing about that guy that impressed me is...I figured, he's a big movie star, right? I didn't expect him to be anything of what he was...I didn't expect him to be a dumb guy by any means. I just didn't expect him to be as smart as he is. After you've been around for thirty years, and you've been on top...He's had one of the best box office careers ever. You certainly know that you are not getting a box of rocks. But that guy is always thinking about everything. He reads everything, it seems like he is always researching something. He would come to work, and I would see him in the make-up trailer. One of the discussions we had was about how Ping Pong actually got its name. Ping-pong. I can't even remember the answer. But its stuff like that. He's an interesting cat. And I am looking forward to seeing The Expendables 2. If I'm not in it, I'll damn sure be there to see it. Because I enjoyed the first one so damn much. And the killer action sequences. I am seriously looking forward to the next one.

Steve Austin: It's not really a Disney-type movie. The people that I have made some movies with approached me with this, and I had the time to do it. It was a short prep for me. To play, I had to learn a few boxing skills. Right now, I take boxing classes. Because I have become so involved with the learning process. And the sport. I had the time to do The Boxer and the Kid. They wanted me, so I went up there and did it. The actor who plays the kid in the movie? I think his name is Daniel Magder. He is a tremendous actor, and I had a great time with him. It's a movie with a lot of heart.

Now angrier than before, Jim survives and hunts the thieves, picking them off one by one until only Banks is left. Banks flees to an outpost manned by three Canadian cops. He murders the cops and flees in one of their ATVs, leaving Kim behind. Jim arrives on the scene and takes one of the remaining ATVs to chase after Banks, telling Kim to use the other to get help. He catches up to Banks in an abandoned factory and the two men battle, culminating in Jim killing Banks by pinning him to a wall with an ATV and causing an explosion with a flare gun. The film ends with Jim and Kim safe, but realizing that they must now walk home as the other ATVs were destroyed.

Hunt to Kill began filming during December 2009 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.[2][3] Steve Austin was confirmed as the film's protagonist, Jim Rhodes, and he acted alongside Gary Daniels, and Eric Roberts. The trio had worked together for the 2010 action film The Expendables and Austin personally selected them for Hunt to Kill. Austin stated that he felt "really in my element" while filming the wilderness scenes and that he could relate to his character as both he and the character of Rhodes had spent a lot of time away from their families due to work.[4] He received the script while filming another movie in Vancouver and Austin gave input on script based on his own experience as a hunter in order to "make this a realistic hunt".[5]

PLOT SPOILERSSteve Austin simply can't act outside of a "wrastling" ring. He really stank up the movie along with a bad script. Austin plays a border patrol guard in Texas and his partner gets killed in a Meth lab raid. Some Mexican steals Austin's wallet and claims he never forgets a face. Other than the watch with a 50 foot rope wrist band, this really isn't part of the movie as the next thing we know Austin is in Montana living in the woods, chomping on grizzly burgers while his daughter hates him, but we get that information more from the DVD box than we do the script or acting.Meanwhile in Reno, a group of thieves, who are not Mexican drug dealers, steal some unmarked bonds. One of the thieves double crosses the rest and heads to Montana of all places so he can walk miles (and days) through the woods to the Canadian border (HEY! Park a little closer next time!) Now it just so happens he is carrying a tracking device so the other crooks can follow him. While this gang of crooks is in town, they force Austin and his daughter to guide them through the woods. How they knew this guy took off on foot, I don't know as he left the tracking device in an abandon vehicle on the road.The gang of crooks are not too bright and always in disagreement. At some point in time Austin is shot, falls off a mountain side and washes up on First Blood beach. He then finds a hunter's pack with a cross bow and carves out perfectly straight arrows and even attaches feathers from...? At night he puts black shoe polish under his eyes (shiny bald head is not an issue) and by day (when he really needs the polish) the shoe polish is all gone.If bad acting, corny lines, and the stupidity of the script doesn't bother you, go ahead. No sex or nudity. Drops f-bomb. I recommend you watch "The Expendables" instead.

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Call continued to avoid his father, even after Alastair's request to see him. However, when Call realizes that Alastair finally tried to steal the gauntlet, Alkahest, Call became concerned enough that he came clean to his friends about his suspicions, though unable to tell them the whole truth, about him and Constantine's soul. Tamara, fearing for Aaron's life, told Rufus, which Call held against her. Shortly after, Alex told Call that now that the Alkahest had been stolen, presumably by Alastair, the Assembly decided that the search for Alastair will be a hunt: they will kill him for the gauntlet. Deeply concerned, Call decided to go after him with Havoc somehow to warn him. Tamara and Aaron insisted on joining him, bringing Jasper along with them to prevent him from talking after he caught them about to sneak out.

Note: If any of the internal organs smell offensive or exhibit greenish discharge, black blood, or blood clots in the muscle, do not consume meat from the carcass. According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC), a hunter who legally kills a deer and discovers the flesh is unfit for consumption at the time of killing shall, within 12 hours following the discovery, deliver the entire carcass, less entrails but including the head and hide, to any PGC officer. At that time, the PGC officer will make a determination that the deer is unfit for consumption at the time killed and shall issue a written authorization to the person to kill a second deer during the remaining unexpired portion of hunting season.

Sour Grapes of Wrath tells the tale of a murder at a winery. The characters are a distraught widow, and six shady visitors, one of whom is a cold-blooded killer. This free, downloadable, online murder mystery game contains nearly 70 pages of clues, directions, scripts, character background, and party-planning tips. Virtual or Zoom party guests can access the guide with a simple click of a button.

If you decide to lead the activity, then select a downloadable mystery. Be sure to read all materials, assign parts, prepare props, and practice your presentation. The group will follow your lead, so ensure that you understand the story and the flow of events, as well as the identity of the killer!

African wild dogs (Lycaon pictus) are described as highly collaborative endurance pursuit hunters based on observations derived primarily from the grass plains of East Africa. However, the remaining population of this endangered species mainly occupies mixed woodland savannah where hunting strategies appear to differ from those previously described. We used high-resolution GPS and inertial technology to record fine-scale movement of all members of a single pack of six adult African wild dogs in northern Botswana. The dogs used multiple short-distance hunting attempts with a low individual kill rate (15.5%), but high group feeding rate due to the sharing of prey. Use of high-level cooperative chase strategies (coordination and collaboration) was not recorded. In the mixed woodland habitats typical of their current range, simultaneous, opportunistic, short-distance chasing by dogs pursuing multiple prey (rather than long collaborative pursuits of single prey by multiple individuals) could be the key to their relative success in these habitats.

Cursorial (running) hunting, exemplified by the highly athletic cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus)12, requires pursuit and out-manoeuvring of a prey animal to enable capture, and is energetically costly compared with ambush predation. Canids and lions (Panthera leo) are characteristically slower and less manoeuvrable than the cheetah, but are thought to maintain high kill rates by hunting in a group. The benefits of group hunting may include reduction in hunting distance, a higher kill rate and capture of larger prey1,2,8,12,13. Larger prey can provide greater returns per individual than smaller prey or feed more individuals, but their capture may require long, energetically costly runs and/or cooperation of multiple individuals to subdue them3,6.


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