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Italian Movie !!HOT!! Download A New Friend

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Italian Movie !!HOT!! Download A New Friend

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"Viva La Pappa col Pomodoro" plays over an extended montage sequence as Luca begins acclimating to the Italian Rivera community of Portorosso. Once again, there's a spunky old-school sound, and lyrics about revolution and the value of good tomatoes. Both Luca and Alberto rebel against societal norms, at least as they know them, and thus celebrate the little things above land. When the Disney movie ends, "Città Vuota" functions as a bittersweet close, as the song tells a story about someone who hopes for a loved one to return to the city, which feels empty without them. Given the overall themes in Luca, it's the residents of Portorosso who may be longing for their sea monster pal to return, especially his best friend, Alberto.

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