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[S3E13] Join Or Die

Oscar returns from his paid vacation, and Kevin asks him how he enjoyed his "gay-cation." Oscar takes the joke in good humor and chuckles. This pleases Kevin, who admits he devised the joke shortly after Oscar left and had been waiting weeks for the opportunity to use it. Angela pensively invites Oscar to join the party planning committee. At first, he is offended, believing she is ridiculing him since the committee consists only of women. However, Angela respectfully continues to ask, apologizing for the way that "certain events" transpired. She breaks into tears explaining how she "would just like to make some changes about certain things and certain situations and certain accountants..." Oscar quickly accepts, reassuring her.

[S3E13] Join or Die


Jim tries to enlist Karen's help in pulling a prank on Andy, but she is busy with the influx of clients inherited upon Dwight's departure, stating that Dwight's files are password-protected with the names of different mythical creatures. Ryan also gruffly refuses to join in the high jinks to Jim's dismay. Finally, Jim approaches Pam, who readily agrees. In a carefully choreographed plan, Jim steals Andy's cell phone and leaves it with Pam. Later, Pam hands it back to Jim as he heads for the kitchen and stands guard as Jim pushes up a ceiling tile and launches the phone through the empty space to its final resting place, atop a tile roughly above Andy's desk. Karen briefly notices the actions of the two. Stanley also notices the sound, but ignores it. The pair trade calls to Andy's phone, frustrating him to the point of accusing Phyllis of the theft, who ignores him.

Effective immediately, and to the relief of many, Dwight Schrute is no longer a Staples associate. Dwight joined us here in the Dickson City Staples just a few days ago, although it seems much, much longer. Despite his promising start in business machines (selling 2 printers in one morning), it was soon clear he wasn't a good fit with the Staples culture. Please note that Dwight is not eligible for rehire.

As the musical concludes, Edgar Evernever rises from the audience, clapping slowly and very dramatic-like. He is joined by over a dozen members of the Farm, who are all wearing white and join in on the slow clap. From the stage, Evelyn states that she knew her dad would like it. Weatherbee and Mrs. Klump appear to be one with the Farm as they too are wearing white and applauding the performance.[13]

Andrea privately asks Hershel what the Governor did to Maggie. "He's a sick man," Hershel replies. Andrea despairs and says she can't go back to Woodbury. Hershel agrees that she belongs at the prison. "But if you join us, it's settled," he warns.

Michael asks Gretchen to come to a public place for the exchange. She tries to persuade Michael to join the Company because of his ingenuity and the fact he is the first person to break out of Sona. A sniper on the roof is ready to shoot Lincoln. Michael coldly declines and reveals to Gretchen that the stunt is just to ensure that LJ and Sofia are alive and safe and Whistler is indeed in their custody. They quickly slip away from there and set up another exchange point. Before leaving, Michael tells her that after the exchange is over, they will be spending some "quality time", indirectly reminding her of the warning he had given her in Sona. The exchange place this time is in the first floor of a public museum. Gretchen has to get rid of her weapons in order to get past the metal detector. LJ snickers. When Gretchen asks what's funny, he confidently proclaims that she's definitely not smart enough to outwit his uncle Michael. The exchange happens and Sofia soon learns that she was being used when she gets Gretchen to admit to everyone that there are no coordinates to exchange, it was all a farce. Sofia is upset and tries to leave Whistler. Michael smashes the emergency seal on an exhibit and causes the alarms to go off, as he knows that The Company's men would have all the exits guarded (and tells Gretchen that he knows about that before switching on the alarm). Everyone walks out. At the exit when they are frisked, guards begin to doubt Whistler and Gretchen after they found an arrow tip that Michael minutes ago took from souvenir store and unnoticed put it into James' pocket before the exchange. One of Gretchen's men tries to shoot a guard, but another guard interjects and in the commotion Sofia is shot. Michael quickly heads to the car to retrieve a gun so that he can kill Gretchen. He almost shoots her but hesitates and is distracted by a guard who shoots aimlessly at Gretchen's van. Lincoln wants to help Sofia, but LJ tells him that he had better to leave and says that he (LJ) will take care of Sofia himself.

Mahone is sipping club soda in a bar opposite to a bank. He tells the barman that he is "between jobs" and that that he hopes that something is "just around the corner", while looking at the time on the bank's clock. Later, Whistler walks in to meet Mahone and gives the barman $100, paying for Mahone and telling the barman to leave them alone. Mahone is impressed by the money, so Whistler says that she (pointing towards Susan who is talking on the cellphone outside) manages the money. Mahone warns Whistler that Gretchen is the "weak link" in the whole chain and that Michael will eventually hunt all of them down one by one, if Gretchen has indeed done what they believe she did to Sarah. Whistler ignores this and asks Mahone if he's joining them or not. Even with Michael after them, Mahone agrees to work for the Company and they exit the bar.

Later, Cunningham brings in the owner of the storage unit business and shows him mug shots of possible arson suspects. Indignant at first, the owner surprises himself when he identifies one with relative ease: Adrian Gish, a suspect with a history of being accused of arson but cleared every time due to lack of evidence. Severide joins Cunningham to ambush Gish at his work, except he ambushes them first and leaves a creepy impression that nearly goads Severide into fisticuffs.

Back at the precinct, Chloe invites Pierce to join a group going out for drinks and he tells her that he isn't relationship material. She points out that they had a moment together in the surveillance van, which he confirms, but he that is why he is stopping things before they get started.

Rachel joins Mouth, amazed at his speech, and asks to kiss to pass time. Mouth refuses and Rachel thinks he is playing hard to get. But Mouth insists that kissing means a lot to him and he won't kiss her until she realizes how much she likes him, and then he will. As he tells her this, the light switches back on and Mouth leaves Rachel speechless. Keith and Karen wake up happily after spending the night together on the cafe sofa, as Dan finds a safety deposit box in Keith's possessions that he can have access to due to being mayor. Ellie and Peyton get back soaked and Peyton tells her about a guy she loved but she let him go and now it's too late. Ellie promises it isn't too late. She apologizes for missing 17 years but would not change the last 3 weeks and they hug as Ellie calls her her daughter. Nathan has his eyes closed and tells an amazed Haley to stop worrying. Haley admits she thinks she should go home as she doesn't want to wake up to find him gone again, but Nathan promises he will be there.

Back at school, Brooke is first to comfort a devastated Peyton. As they hug, Brooke holds out her arm for Lucas to join as he does. Nathan and Haley are filling in their marital status as 'married' on their college forms. Dan goes in the safety deposit box of Keith's and finds the ledger that was in the dealership. Peyton goes to the place where Ellie had the festival where she felt most alive, and she scatters her ashes across the field.

Upon arriving on the scene with Grissom, Warrick confirms that he grew up in the neighborhood; in fact, his grandmother still lives down the street. He also recognizes some onlookers on the other side of the yellow tape. Jason Gilbert, an innocent bystander who was saying goodnight to his girlfriend, was shot in the drive-by, but will survive. When Brass says that the victim is Aimee Phelps, Warrick immediately recognizes the last name and rushes inside to console Matt. Grissom enters the house and observes a bullet hole in the living room bookcase. He makes his way to the bedroom, eventually finding Aimee's body with a bullet wound in her neck. Warrick soon joins him, but is visibly distraught by the night's events. When Grissom asks him if he'll be able to handle the case, Warrick grimly replies "I want this case."

Over the Great Wall of China, a middle-aged Asian man tells his wife to find cover, then reveals himself to be J'onn J'onzz, who joins Wonder Woman, Star Sapphire, Vigilante, and Shining Knight in battling Darkseid's Parademons, as they are having considerable difficulty. 041b061a72


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