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Despite the fact that the cavity model seemingly requires a physical cavity, as in the Metal-Insulator-Metal (MIM) configuration shown in Fig. 1b, we have realized that even a free-standing metal patch, i.e., the Insulator-Metal-Insulator (IMI) configuration, of one of the canonical shapes22 can be considered as a patch antenna suitable for the cavity model in optics, provided that the reflection coefficients from the edges of the patch can be obtained. The key idea behind the use of the cavity model in optics for such configurations is that the surface plasmon polariton (SPP) modes supported by the patch are equivalent to and agree well with the modes predicted by the cavity model because the radiation from the side walls of the cavity is equivalent to the radiation from the surface current on the patch20. Therefore, knowing the current distribution of a mode or the combination of the modes of an equivalent cavity guides us where to locate the source on the patch to excite that mode and provides intuition on how to tune the resonance, radiation pattern and polarization of the antenna, as discussed below.

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Another attractive feature of the rf patch antennas is their ability to produce and control the polarization of the radiation by simply selecting the position of the feed, which may be useful in sensing and imaging applications in optics. For the rf patch antennas, a simple cavity model-based approach is used to find the locations of the feed to achieve circularly polarized (CP) radiation23. The model uses the radiation fields at the broadside of the antenna, due to the magnetic current densities for the TM01 and TM10 modes at the edges of the cavity (on the PMC walls in Fig. 1b) to enforce the condition for the CP operation, that is, in the far field. However, because the current distributions obtained by the cavity model for the TM01 and TM10 modes on the antenna do not exactly match the actual current distributions, as shown in Fig. 3a,b for the TM10 mode, especially near the edges of the patch, the phases of the electric field components in the far field are expected to show some deviations from those obtained by the cavity model, whereas the magnitudes of the fields are stationary in the far-field zone with respect to small deviations in the current distribution. As would have been inferred by the preceding assessment, the direct application of the cavity model-based approach to the optical patch antenna discussed and verified earlier (Fig. 1b) was not able to yield the positions of the vertical dipole on the patch to generate the CP operation. However, for optical patch antennas, there is one more degree of freedom for the parameters of the feed to choose, that is, the polarization of the emitter, in addition to its projected location on the patch. Hence, using the polarization of the source as an additional parameter, the loci of the feed for the right-handed and left-handed CP operations are obtained from the Maxwell solver for the optical rectangular patch antenna, as shown in Fig. 5. As a conclusion, the CP operation of a free-standing patch antenna is possible for a dipole source whose locations have to be carefully selected for a given polarization of the source, or vice versa. This feature is an important difference from the rf operation because it may lead to a better sensing of the polarizations of nano-emitters, such as fluorescent molecules.

During rolling, or online, storage server updates, the disks for the storage server being updated are taken offline on one storage server by patchmgr while it is updated. After the update completes the disks are resynchronized by Oracle ASM, and then patchmgr starts to update the next storage server.

Use Oracle Data Guard logical standby database to reduce database upgrade downtime for patch set and release updates. Database upgrade downtime is reduced by allowing the logical standby database to be upgraded to the new version and kept synchronized while the primary database remains online running the current version.

Use Oracle GoldenGate to reduce database upgrade downtime for patch set and release updates. Downtime during a database upgrade is reduced by allowing the target database to be upgraded to the new version and kept synchronized while the source database remains online running the current version.

Starting with Oracle Exadata System Software release 18c (18.1.0), there is a more scalable alternative to using patchmgr for software updates. The storage servers automatically verify preconditions and download the update software from a URL that you specify. Each storage server downloads the software to its active partition, and then loads the software on its passive partition. At a specified time, the storage servers reboot to the new version. The storage servers use the Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM) disk deactivation status to determine when it is safe to deactivate the disks and reboot the storage server to the new software version. These scheduled updates invoke the same scripts that are currently used by the patchmgr process.

If the downloaded patch has a name like, then rename the file to Rename the ZIP file to use the release number and date string that is used for the directory name within the ZIP file. For example, when you unzip the patch it extracts the directory patch_18.

You use the patchmgr update utility for updating Oracle Exadata storage servers. For Exadata storage server updates the utility is packaged (and shipped) with the update itself and is available for download from My Oracle Support as storage server update.

Before Oracle Exadata System Software release 19.3.0, the storage server and RDMA Network Fabric switch updates use the version of patchmgr bundled with the Oracle Exadata System Software release. Starting with Oracle Exadata System Software release 19.3.0, there is a separate patchmgr download for the RDMA Network Fabric switches and the storage servers.

The Oracle Linux YUM server offers a free and convenient way to install the latest Oracle Linux packages. Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN) enables you to update patches and errata for a specific version.

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