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Dave Ramsey Tips On Buying A Car

What do you think? Do you spend a lot on cars or are you frugal there? Do you buy new or used? Do you buy collision/comprehensive or just liability? What tips do you have for a resident or new attending buying a car? Comment below!

dave ramsey tips on buying a car

Whether you are purchasing a new or used vehicle, there are several car buying tips and tricks you should know of so that you can walk away with the best deal possible. There are so many options and extras that come up when buying a car, which means there are many ways for you to end up leaving confused or paying more than you should be.

I found it quite intimidating being a woman doing the car buying. I often went to car dealerships on my own, so I felt that I really did have to put my confident face on. Your tips covered almost everything I did when looking for a car but one more thing that really helped me is knowing what I was looking for, I did a lot of research and narrowed it down to 2-3 particular car brands/models BEFORE going to the dealership. Doing that research did mean I had a little bit of knowledge on those particular models (whether they had timing belts or timing chains, the recommended servicing timings, etc) which made me more confident in the process of dealing with the salesmen.

These tips are all really good, and I love how little they have to do with the technical specs of the car itself. Yes of course you should make sure that you not buying a piece of scrap, but you should also check the total costs of financing and compare to other financing options. 041b061a72


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