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Vsevolod Kryukov
Vsevolod Kryukov

Twin Cobra \/\/FREE\\\\

Your orders are to penetrate Kaban's border, plow through the nightmarish defense system and level the massive base where Anziga's headquarters are reportedly located. Use your twin machine guns and your supply of bombs to devastate the enemy. You and the Twin Cobra stand alone against what may be the most awesome fighting force the world has ever seen!

Twin Cobra

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This Mega Drive variant of the game is slightly misleading. The name "Twin Cobra" (or Twin Cobra: Desert Attack Helicopter as listed on the packaging) originates from the localised arcade name for Kyuukyoku Tiger, but the "twin" implies "two", when it is in fact only a one-player game. In Japan, the arcade Kyuukyoku Tiger was originally released in a single-player only-form - a product which did not make it to the US, but is what this Mega Drive port is derived from.

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