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Jasmine Star Email Templates Pdf

As my business grew, I came to understand the implicit value of effective communication with clients early on. Once I realized how efficient it was to streamline my correspondence with prospective clients by creating email templates (they can be found HERE), I quickly created email templates that focused on strengthening my current client workflow and timely information from my studio.

jasmine star email templates pdf


I created email templates that helped me correspond with prospective clients, which saved me a TON of time (I mean, why write the same email again and again?). As time passed, I created another set of email templates to help me correspond with current clients in regard to workflow. I'm excited to share this new email set with photographers!

Ensuring your clients are happy is incredibly satisfying and rewarding, but if something goes wrong, it causes a pit in our stomachs and an ache in our chests. This is large in part because what we provide is extremely personal. Most of the emails I receive from photographers focus specifically on how to deal with a dissatisfied client and/or how to cope with a lackluster creative experience. While I can suggest ways to address these situations, the best way to avoid them entirely is to ask for, explain, and educate your client in advance for what will ensure their satisfaction (which is why I created email templates for photographers to help).

This PDF will help and assist your client conversations in a way that ensures your wedding experience is flawless. In addition to walking you through my process in detail, you'll also receive email templates on how to deal with the following:-Explaining Why You Won't Share the Raw Images-Explaining Why You Won't Shoot at a Discount-How to Ensure You're Shooting in Natural Light All Day-How to Request Timely Payments-How to Request Overdue Payments-How to Get Paid for Travel Fees-How to Ensure the Bridal Suite is Clean for Prep Photos-How to Manage Family Photo Requests-How to Deal with Difficult People at a Wedding-How to Ensure You're Fed on a Wedding Day-How to Deal with Losing Images from a Wedding Day-Determining if a Client is the Best Fit for Your Business-Two Sample Wedding Day Timelines to Ensure Client Satisfaction-Explanation of How Much Time a Photographer Needs on a Wedding Day

My startup costs were only a few thousand dollars. I didn't know if I should focus my time on Pinterest, Instagram, building my email list, or creating a good website, and I didn't know how to begin to market my services to my ideal client. To address this challenge, I started by posting regularly across platforms, and clients started signing up for my different offerings. Many of them also said they found me through a Google search.

When I first started working with Kira & Rob, I felt pretty good about my copywriting skills but had a lot of questions around the business side of things...I was immediately blown away by how deeply they cared about #1: helping you define what a successful copywriting career means to YOU (instead of fitting into a 'one-size-fits-all' box) and #2: equipping you with the training, templates, and community to guide you along every step of your journey.

Before sending his first sales email, Brady gave his subscribers the following free resources: a social media checklist for churches (PDF), 5 social media post templates, and a 7-day social media calendar (PDF). 350c69d7ab


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