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Vsevolod Kryukov
Vsevolod Kryukov

Navicat For Mac Key

It is stored in navicat.exe as a kind of resource called RCData. The resource name is "ACTIVATIONPUBKEY". You can see it by a software called Resource Hacker. The public key is

Navicat For Mac Key

Start from Navicat Premium 12.0.25, Navicat do not load this public key from resource in navicat.exe. Instead, the public key is stored in libcc.dll and has been encrypted. To avoid being replaced easily, the public key is split into 5 parts:

It is a Base64 string that represents 256-bytes-long data, while the 256-bytes-long data is the cipher text of the Offline Activation Response Information encrypted by Navicat Activation Private Key. So far, we don't know the official activation private key and we have to replace it in navicat.exe and libcc.dll.


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