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[quote name='nosil' timestamp='1324336514' post='3962337'][quote name='PuttingDoctor' timestamp='1324298560' post='3959541']Vector Putting the art & science in green reading is now live. Instructor certification opened over the weekend and you'll soon be able to take a 90 minute green reading clinic in your neighborhood.Merry Christmas to you all. [/quote]Been waiting for this site to go live for a few months. I know they are re-working the original Templeton work; I am hoping it will be in a form that people that don't have instructors close by can still get some benefit from the information. My fear it that just like the SAM Puttlab, there won't be anything close by least for a while until the instructors pick it up.And Merry Christmas to you as well.[/quote]Nosil my friend you hit the nail on the head with regard to SAM PuttLab.... not enough units / instructors in all areas. I don't think that will be the problem with Vector as there is so much demand for solid, easy to utilize green reading methodology.But there will eventually be an online component available. As you mentioned the book is presently being reformatted. Col. Templeton expressed a desire to present the green reading side first and the science last in the book having published it in 1984 in the reverse. There is also an eBook in process as well.Good things come to those who wait...

Aimpoint Express Dvd Torrentl

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