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Explaining calendar tiers and diplomacy in WWE 2K23 MyFACTIONThe new haversack aperture and calendar affectation animations are abounding added burnished than in WWE NBA 2K23 MT.

Like MyTEAM, MyFACTION gives wrestlers an all-embracing appraisement and address them into tiered sets of cards. Additionally like MyTEAM, the adventurous begins with lower-rated cards as academy tiered and rated cards are conflicting throughout the year. Accomplishment are the accessible tiers from able to lowest:

Pink DiamondDiamondAmethystRubySapphireEmeraldGoldSilverBronze

Pink Diamond was conflicting this year, able to the accepting that added tiers will be advancing in 2K23 and beyond. However, at this point with the acclimatized release, the best cards you can accession are Ruby (if you accepting any of the pre-order cards) and Sapphire (from the Casting Market).

Next, ceremony calendar comes with a set of contracts. A acclimation is captivated per match. Akin if the wrestler doesn’t participate in the match, as affiliated as they’re chosen, a acclimation will be consumed. Accomplishment are the acclimatized base diplomacy for the calendar tiers accessible at launch:

Ruby (five contracts)Sapphire (seven contracts)Emerald (nine contracts)Gold (11 contracts)Silver (13 contracts)Bronze (15 contracts)

It’s safe to accepting that Amethysts will see three diplomacy while both Diamond levels will see one contract Cheap MT 2K23.


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